Saturday, August 2, 2008

THING 14 - Technorati and How Tags Work

Went to Technorati and the site was sluggish to respond. Still a great site to use - I played around with the searches and was able to find our favorite "Angels Among Us" blog by a top SBISD educator ;o)
There were other great search finds and so many routes to take to get to an interest one has.

As for tagging preferences, I think the del-icio-us will be my first tool of choice. No particular reason - I guess it just seemed a little easier and they all provide the same resource. Tagging will be an invaluable tool for upcoming projects and research used in the classroom. I guess I'm in the "almost back to school" mindset and have been addressing most of my remarks regarding school. These tools are great resources for one's everyday life as well.

In looking at the widgets on Technorati, I selected the top news for posting. I also "claimed" my blog - we'll see what that does.

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bookeatersclub said...

Glad to see that you are back on your 23 "Things" journey. I will be commenting on some of your posts, so please check back...

Science Rocks said...

back and working furiously to complete the 23 before the witching hour tomorrow. Thanks for checking back in - I look forward to your comments and will be better about staying updated.