Saturday, August 2, 2008

THING 13 - Tagging and Discover Del-icio-us

The Del-icio-us information was easily understood and presented in a straight forward way - should be easy to use throughout the school year. This tool has unlimited opportunities in the classroom. Depending on what is being researched, this can definitely narrow down and limit the direction we send our students. Their time in the lab is limited enough - this will help make their time used for research more efficient. I have a teacher based webpage where this could also be posted for at-home use for those MANY (....right....) students that continue their work outside of class - kindof like the good old days when they all LOVED doing homework. As for our librarian - I would think this could save a ton of time. Our wonderful librarian already pulls and organizes research tools for us for any given unit. This could certainly save some time for her as well as the teacher and student - pull together a list, post it and the numbers able to access at any one moment are unlimited.

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bookeatersclub said...

Glad to read that you see this as a useful tool for you and your librarian! I'm sure you will both finds ways for this to be a timesaver for your students.