Friday, August 1, 2008

THING 8: RSS Feeds and Readers

This is one Google tool I had not practiced with. I linked to the Google Reader instead of picking one of the others to utilize. This one became a little frustrating. The download times and the times to manage shared articles both bogged down my computer. I am certain it's something I was doing wrong, but will need to focus on that later when the crunch is over (remember the four days left from the previous post??)

I like the idea of having a streamed topic that can be accessed, where updated information regarding one theme is posted. This could be very helpful in the classroom to stay updated with events pertaining to our instruction. Something as simple as selecting "volcanoes" or "hurricanes" could be a quick way to keep students updated on the world around them while consolidating a group of recent events to eliminate search time.

On our campus, there are opportunities to send groups of students to the library while the teacher remains in the classroom for continued instruction. Our library could have RSS feeds set up using ouur suggested topics, allowing students to do their research but not waste limited time doing so. I can see this helping students feel more comfortable with their research as well as they can feel more successful with little to no guidance necessary.

I definitely need to revisit this THING later and refine my created reader.

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