Saturday, August 2, 2008

THING 12 - Creating Community Through Comment

Well, what do you know - in my past post, I was just saying I wanted to add a widget for the bookshelf, and I found it on this activity. There's so much to learn about a blog! There were many great tips and comments about comments....I found it interesting and probably very true, that one blogger said "make it easy". People are less likely to comment if they are required to log in each time. Sounds lazy, but I've been that way once or twice and have certainly heard similar comments from others that do not like having to create users/passwords to access so many sites. I think a second tip that seemed VERY good was that one should make a point to return the comment - let someone know you are reading the words they took time to say regarding your blog.
As the game has been going on, it has been easy to make comments along the way. I would say I've met and passed the "5 comment requirement" here. It is surprising how interesting it is to read others' words and to want to share with a total stranger your thoughts about that they said. It's in doing this that I found the bookshelf widget. is a great blog for ideas and motivation. is another blog of interest. I didn't take too much time to check it out but will keep it as a reference.

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bookeatersclub said...

You've found some great resources that you will return to later. Hopefully all the Library2Play participants will find a simple way to remember all the wonderful resources they have found along their journey.