Monday, August 4, 2008

THING 16: Wikis

Still yet another great idea - the use of wikis within the classroom. St. Joseph's County Public Library Subject Guide showed a great use of one such site as did the Westwood School WikiSpace. The ideas posted in the Library2Play activity showed how a teacher could take learning to a new level, one that interests and motivates the kids while including them in the teaching they are learning. AP World History Wiki was a great example of specifying a site for a particular curriculum as well as dedicating the work to a particular age.

As each activity passes, I keep saying "hey, I'm going to do that this year". Then with the next activity, the comment is "OK - maybe I'll use this new one and save the rest for the next semester." Here is my newest "I'm doing that next year!" Such a great way to involve the students in the classroom and allowing them the opportunity to participate from home should they have the availability. They will most certainly have the interest at the idea of being able to log in and add to a page they and their friends can view.

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VWB said...

Yes...I know the feeling about "ok, I use this, I"ll use that one!"
So many choices! :-)