Friday, August 1, 2008

THING 10 - Online Image Generator

This set of links could become addicting and very fun!!! So many neat tricks and links to check out. - this is where I was able to write in the sand and wish you were all here to enjoy the continued days of 100+ temperatures....all without having to lug my camera or jeopardize getting it wet. I was also also able to permanently mark the engagement of Katy and Nick. Yes, Mr. Oliver, it's finally here!!!! Congratulations to the happy Spring Oaks couple.

On the "BigHugeLabs" site, I continued playing with the jigsaw maker from Thing # 6. Seems like that would make a great gift for a younger child in the Christmas stocking, or even a fun thing to use in the classroom in place of flashcards. While I am typing, I am trying to convert an image into "bead art" and it seems to be taking a very long time. . . and here it is many minutes later.... is the link to do this, and the effect is pretty interesting, but be prepared to wait awhile for it to complete its things. Of course, a larger view makes the image that much more interesting as well.

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