Friday, August 1, 2008

THING 9: Useful Libary Related Blogs and News Feeds

Edublog awards was very interesting and easy to find things that suited my personal needs. It doesn't get any easier than The use of this site to identify a topic and isolate it to an area makes this very student friendly. Atomic Learning was not as helpful to me, or maybe I'm still in that "confused" state.
I ran across this link in my playing - - seems very interesting and one that I might access often when the new year begins.

While doing this activity, I added several feeds to my reader and will go back to sort, add and edit later when things slow down.
Just thought I'd add a photo I ran across while going through this activity. This is a shot of Mt. Hood in Oregon. I arrived here two days ago to visit my daughter and this is one of the views I have from where we are. Mt. St. Helens is also in view as are two other nearby volcanoes. What a GREAT place and what fun it would be for students from flat, hot Houston, with its limited geology, to experience.

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