Monday, August 4, 2008

THING 22 - Nings

Social Networking - I guess the possibilities are open for as much or as little as one would want to explore. I set up a science teachers ning - says "congrats - that took you 65 seconds to complete". I have the Ning, but nothing relevant on it. I'm going to guess that will take longer than 65 seconds and a LOT more understanding than what I have at this moment.

I reviewed the Ning for Teachers and it reminded me of the old Marco Polo site used by many of us. The lesson tab is mostly where I see the similarities. I like this idea, but am quite certain at this late hour I am not fully considering the possibilities. I quickly scanned the lesson plans and am quite sure I could find useful, new things there as I begin to plan my instruction for another school year - will I remember I was ever here?? I got caught up on the teacher blog tab. It's addicting to click and read a stranger's thoughts and consider their perspective.

After 22 things, I was a bit frustrated with yet another "sign up - create a user - create a password" request. Not a big deal, really, just a thing I have about creating so many accounts on so many sites, and by the way, had I foreseen this I would definitely have continued with the same user and password for all. BUT I can fall back on GoogleTools, create a user name and password spreadsheet, and access that from any computer in the world if I forget how to get back into a site's resources. I'm not sure what I'll do to remember which sites I have access to, but that's another problem for another day.

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bookeatersclub said...

Good idea about a password spreadsheet in GoogleTools. I kept one in Excel for the same purpose!