Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thing 9: Slideshare

I like this option for presenting and sharing slide shows. I mentioned in a previous post that I was having some anxiety about our current web hosting options changing to a new server and software. I am not as familiar with this, so things will be slow going for me in August until I get the hang of it.

On my previous website, and using Front Page, I could publish any power point presentations easily. This allowed students to view a slide show as a station in a set of classroom activities, it provided students the chance to view notes from home if they had been absent, and would be available to students who might be studying at home in the evening if they could not put their hands on their classroom notes.

Having this option to upload power point slide shows will now allow me to post these on our classroom blog in addition to our web page (when I get it figured out). Very comforting to have an alternative to use in the meantime.

As for student use, this will be very fun for them - they can create their own presentations, upload to a share program and post them on our classroom blog. This will make it easy for them to share between peers as well as sharing with their families from how to show off their work.

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