Monday, July 26, 2010

Thing 8: Screencast

My daughter recently created a blog for our family, providing each member rights to post and not just comment. Several members have had difficulty posting a comment. Whether they didn't accept their blog invite correctly or they just don't get the process for making a new post.....there are only 4 of us that have posted anything and I won't even tell you how many there are that should be posting.

I used Screencast-o-Matic to walk through the steps to logging in on our family's blog. I did it quickly, with no voice recording (it was too early in the morning when I did it and I hadn't had enough coffee yet) but the process was VERY simple and is very helpful.

The only thing I did not like was the size the movie appears on the post. I edited the width on the program but in both saved versions, it still appears the same small size in my post. Any ideas out there for how to override this? I know the user can click on "full screen" but it provides a very blurry view when you do that.

I can see many good uses for this in class - from letting students use it for their own projects to using it to show them how to participate on specific parts of our webpage, allowing them to all work at their own pace and hear directions for a part of an activity when they are actually ready for it.

I am also one of a team on our campus that is in charge of working with teachers on gradebook. If any of you experienced IGPro issues yourself or with peers, you know how difficult that program was for many of us. This video development would be so helpful to show teachers individual steps for them to review when trying to post grades.

This will be a fun tool to use this next year!!!

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