Monday, July 26, 2010

Thing 6: iTouch Apps

I am probably one of two people left that does not have an iphone. BUT there are enough users around me that I get to enjoy some of the apps they have as well as make requests of those I see frequently to test out & enjoy apps I've heard of or would like to see.

In order to complete the lesson on apps, I found two at random I thought could be incorporated in our current curriculum.
The app for star gazers seems pretty interesting and would allow students the opportunity to see constellations and galaxies, planets and sky conditions, while adjusting the view as if looking through a telescope.
My students have always founds some fascination in our moon and trying to understand the phases. This app will give a visual of phases to come, or allow them to select the next or most recent full moon. At first glance, it doesn't have a lot of elaborate bells and whistles, but would still keep an 8th grader's attention.

Use of an itouch in the library can be as little or as much as the teacher would like. If students are working on a unit or topic research project, stations could be situated with individual units focusing on a particular area. Once finished at one itouch, they could move to a new station or setup. Take Chemistry as an example - one itouch station could focus on the periodic table. That unit would have the periodic table app loaded, with the teacher's other manipulatives there to help them answer required questions. Station two could be to practice chemical formulas. There is a chemical formula app which could be made available at this station to guide students while they are working on this section of their project. It would almost be like a virtual scavenger hunt.

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VWB said...

Sounds like even tho' you don't have one, you have developed some good ideas for using them in classrooms.
Go visit the ipads that are coming soon to your library...the size of the screen and the easier-to-use keyboard will impress you!