Monday, July 26, 2010

Thing 5: Microblogging

This activity should create numerous opportunities to keep our students attention. Regarding Facebook, it is something they are very comfortable with and want to log in to as often as possible. With that in mind, we could either develop a group or "science page" to allow students to comment on posts or ideas between each other and their teachers. We can post links, videos, assignments, and other classroom related bits of information, knowing they are going to see this. With our recent webpage changes in our district, the website my class relied on for the past 10 years is gone and I'm not quite up with the new software yet. I think I'm going to incorporate facebook for now until I can get a handle on our new web creating tools.

As for Twitter, this past week and the events with Lois the Corpse Flower were a great opportunity to get my first experience with this microblogging tool...and I have to say I was not immediately impressed with it. I do have my newly developed account and will continue to view and participate in other Twitter links, but as a quick exposure I'd say it is not something I'll be using as frequently as my other new tools I've been learning about in this class.

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