Monday, July 26, 2010

Thing 7: Video Resources

This is one of our classes all time favorites from this past school year.

As the year progressed in the 09-10 school year, it got to the point where there were more days that opened with a video clip than not. I found YouTube to be my greatest resource, while hulu or united streaming were other great sources. The reason YouTube became our favorite was due to the large variety of cartoons and funny clips that would address an otherwise serious and important topic. Here is one of our several classroom playlists.
The following video was the first to get us thinking about how short clips could enhance lessons. It was a student favorite, the motivator for our science team to find more sources, and one we replayed many times even up to the last day.

I recently finished teaching summer school - I worked with students from all middle schools around our district and started our first day with a "They Might be Giants" video. Those first day stares of "who the heck is the stupid lady" changed in just a few days as we continued to start each day's lesson with a clip of catchy music or humor or one that would get them thinking for the day. . . . .whatever it took to make an otherwise unpleasant situation (who wants to be in summer school for 7 hours a day, right?)

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