Thursday, July 28, 2011

TOOLS COMBINED.......for the first day of school

After a few days of blogging, learning about new devices and tools, I have decided what I will do our first day back.  I'd like to introduce students and parents to our blog right away. In addition, I want to engage students in what I hope will be a common practice of stations with independent accountability. 

STATION ONE: (independent station)
Students will visit the class blog and complete the personal survey. Click on the picture to test the survey.

STATION TWO: (teacher directed station /white board)
Pass out and explain interactive journals.  Use the video below to help students understand the basic setup.

STATION THREE: (teacher directed station)
Go over "first day stuff", going over guidelines, required handouts, etc.

It's nothing fancy, but a start to introducing students to the use of the netbooks in addition to the class blog.
Time to wrap up the last two tools!!!

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