Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tool #7: Going Global - Online Digital Projects

I have created an Edmodo account for the purposes of this tool. After reviewing the links at "The Flat Classroom" site, I felt this one would be most manageable for our needs. The url for this will follow the same url as the blog and grouply - check it out (and I do need to add LOTS but it's a start)

I would like to propose two ideas:
1st - create a project that would connect the other classes with whom we are teamed at Spring Oaks Middle School. This next year, that will be a new direction for us so I think this would be a way to immediately get the students on board with that mindset as well as the teachers. Initially, the first "project" could be a means to connect with each other, learn about teammates (students as well as teachers) and then add new activities as the teachers begin planning together

2nd - create a project to team with Ms. Spicer's high school students at Spring Woods HS. The initial project would be the same.....connect with the class to which our students are assigned and learn about each other. As we begin new topics or units, the high school students could serve as peer tutors as well as provide activities and direction.

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