Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tool #2: Building Community in the Online Environment

Tool 2 complete - I have visited several blogs of peers and was very impressed. Not just with what they have but with how far they have moved through the tools of this class.

Having used a blog in class last year, the process is pretty easy and also very similar to facebook or other types of social networking. I am very comfortable sharing thoughts on the blog - for my classroom blog, I did engage the "moderate comments" feature. I never had an issue with a student's comments but decided it was better to be safe......this allows the kids to give their feedback, but requires me to select a button before allowing the comments to be visible publicly.

The "Technology Integration in Education" site seems interesting. There is a large source of sites and information from which to pull so I will be accessing that frequently as I begin planning for the new school year. I also have set up an account on Diigo and would like to explore how this can be utilized. I'm thinking of ways to incorporate this in teaching, but also for team planning and collaboration with our team.

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somschoir2 said...

Let me know about Digio, or I guess I should just look at your new blogs!

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