Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tool #5: Producing with Web 2.0 Tools

Glogster is a very fun way for students to pull together bits of research or information and present what they are trying to share, whether it is with the teacher or the class. Our campus has a membership, and this is one of those tools that was easy to fall back on regardless of what the lesson was. This compares to, but takes the place of, making posters which often need to be thrown away and started over as mistakes happen. There is nothing more to do here than to click and delete, retype misspellings, or to change colors if the product is not as the student hoped. It also takes it a step further, allowing videos to be embedded in the glogster as well as active links to areas that were discovered in researching the assignment.
http://sciencerocks8thgrade.blogspot.com/is the link to our class blog. This plays many roles in our daily activity.....whether it is to post in a familiar site the daily assignment or if it is used to provide students quick links to avoid typing & retyping lengthy url's.......

Wordle is a fun way to have students take key words from their unit and create an image that connects all the words, overlaps ideas that are repeated, and then allows them to save the created wordle as a jpg. Once this is done, the jpg can be placed in a document, followed by having students hyperlink each word to its definition.

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jtharpe said...

Hey Ms. Lewis,

Your blog is awesome! You are so talented. It has taken me forever to get to Tool #6.