Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thing 10: Virtual Worlds / Second Life; Gaming

This was my first experience with a second life virtual world website. My name was "teacher spore" and that was the most amusing part of the game for me. I can see students really catching on to this, as they spend so much time on video and interactive games that seem like this. What I either didn't catch on to, or didn't allow my imagination to see, was how this could be used in a science classroom. I logged on to a few other bloggers' entries regarding this activity and saw where some came across parts of the game that would be inappropriate for our students. It's certainly something I will continue to play with and investigate, but at this point in the program I'd say I would have to pass on incorporating this into my classroom instruction.
(yes, that's Teacher Spore there on deck overlooking the Hudson River. I guess I can tell my students I went to New York this summer)

I'm open for ideas and would love to hear how this has been successfully used with students in core subjects. Off to the next activity!!!

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sweet summertime said...

I too enjoyed making a new person. The name was my favorite also! I am struggling to find ways to use this in the classroom. My issue would be monitoring the students to make sure they were having appropriate conversations. I also teach science and am not sure how this could work in the classroom.